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I wrote a little bit about Xela in Guatemala in other page.

Learn Spanish in Xela

homestay or Hostel

This time, I would like to introduce the hostel that I mentioned a little in the article of Home-stay OR Hostel.


Quetzaltenango (Xela)

Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala.

so i don't think you will have a hard time finding a hostel.

From cheap dormitory rooms to single rooms

It shouldn't be difficult to find any type of room.

As my research today(01/10/19)

The cheapest hostel is $5

The most expensive hotel is over $200.

While I was staying at Casa Seibel for a month and a little while,

Most people only stay for a few days,

then move to another places. Not many people stop for long time.

Xela is easy to live in. it does not cost much for foods.

I think it's good to stay a little longer after you traveled long way or after long hike.

I mean, it's great place to charge your battery.

It's also a good idea to wander around the area based in Xela.

Casa Seibel

Check Casa Seibel on

This is the hostel I would like to recommend to you.

$6 for a six-person dormitory room

$7 for a four-person dormitory room

The bed in the dormitory room is not a bunk bed

This is a normal single bed.

The room is big enough and there was no feeling that the bed was pushed in.

There is enough space

There is also a private room. 

The common area is also a living room with sofas, tables and chairs.

There is also a TV and a shared bookshelf.

There are some plants outside it is great just to be sitting there under the sun.

of course there are chairs and tables outside too.

Three toilets.

There are two showers, and if you turn down the faucet, enough hot water will come out.

The kitchen is large enough.

Four stoves, oven

There is also a mixer with shared goods.

Of course, there is also free drinking water.

The contents of the hostel is roughly like this.

This hostel, which follows this

It is insanely beautiful.Clean.

This is where I liked it the most.

And one more thing.

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

When I was there, all staff were english speakers.

The owner who controls the site of the hostel is a really nice person.

I think it helps variously when you need some help.

She had traveled to Central America and had studied Spanish before.

It would be nice to hear the story from her also you could get some advises for next destination.


By the way, casa seibel's rating on is

Reviews 9.0 Location 9.5

Isn't it quite high evaluation?

It must be like this score from the experience of living a month and a week.


There are a few more reasons to recommend Casa Seibel.

There are other hostels for the same price as $1 cheaper, but

While I'm staying at Casa Seibel,

I have met some people who moved to Casa Seibel from different hostels.

the reason why they moved was

The last hostel was noisy and could not sleep, dirty, and there was no guests.

One thing that casa Seibel has to do is one more thing.

As long as they can at a pace of once every 10 days from a week

They do deep cleaning.

This hostel is also recommended for those who are concerned about ticks and insects.

Also, if you have a desire to take spanish lessons,

You can ask at reception!(1 hour Q 30)

And this is great for people stay long term.

If you stay there more than week.

You will pay Q300 for 7days.(this price was for 6 people dorms)

like you will get one day discount.

Recommended for such a person

  • who wants to stay in a cheap, comfortable and clean accommodation
  • who wanst to cook while staying
  • who are thinking of staying for a long time
  • who are thinking of studying Spanish
  • who wants to meet new friends


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