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bolivia Peru southamerica traveling

[Peru Bolivia] How to get cheapest bus ticket

In the last article that I wrote has information about how to buy/book the bus in Peru and Bolivia. ...


bolivia Peru traveling

[Peru Bolivia] How to buy a bus ticket and things you need to be careful

Peru and Bolivia are popular countries for traveling to South America. As a popular tourist destinat ...


bolivia la paz one bite Recommended southamerica traveling

3 places Recommended Food in La Paz / Bolivia

Food in La Paz, Bolivia. I was not excited as much as food in Peru. And I have heard that food in Bo ...


Cusco HumantaiLake MachuPichu Peru RainbowMountain things to do Tours traveling

Cusco:Tour Price for 3 Popular places/Peru

Hello. Cusco in Peru!! Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain,Humantai Lake are places most people will visi ...

central america guatemala hostel learnabroad Spanish traveling xela

Best Hostel!! Quetzaltenango(Xela) @ Guatemala

Hello. I wrote a little bit about Xela in Guatemala in other page. Learn Spanish in Xela homestay or ...


central america guatemala learnabroad Spanish traveling xela

Homestay or Hostel? Learn Spanish Abroad @ Quetzaltenango (Xela)

Hello. Once again, i'm about studying Spanish in Quetzaltenango (Xela) in Guatemala. While most of p ...


central america guatemala learnabroad Spanish traveling xela

Learn Spanish in Quetzaltenango(Xela) in Guatemala

Hello. I'll write it after a long time. If you plan to travel to Central America or South America an ...


Canada Recommended summer things to do traveling Whistler

2 Recommended things to do in summer@Whistler

Hello. it's already summer in Whistler. How are you doing? I have already left Whistler. If you're m ...

Canada Recommended summer things to do traveling volunteer Whistler

40th Anniversary Ironman in Whistler 2018/7/29

Hi Have you ever heard of Ironman ? 29th/07/2018 . There was ironman race that iron man race in Whis ...

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