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In the last article that I wrote has information about how to buy/book the bus in Peru and Bolivia.

Also talked how to buy tickets for a little bit cheaper.


まとめ ペルー ボリビア 南米

[ペルー ボリビア] バスチケットを購入する方法と注意点

南米旅行の際に人気のある国ペルーとボリビア。 人気な観光地として、 ナスカ-アレキパ-クスコ-プーノ(ペルー) ラパス-スクレ-ポトシ-ウユニ(ボリビア) こんなところでしょうか。 ほとんどの人がバス ...

I think that it is easy to understand if you read the previous article before you read this.

In this article,

I'd like to share how to buy cheaper tickets or even cheapest one

You might wonder if it's cheapest one wouldn't it be dangerous.

No worries I will talk about that as well.

Where you can find it

First of all, it is a point where to buy it.

This is definitely at bus terminal.

If it comes to the lowest price of a certain bus company

it would be cheaper to buy on online like campaign discounts.

It might be an option but you might get cheaper at bus terminal.

Anyway I mainly tell you how to get cheapest for the destination no matter which bus company.

The reason why you should buy at bus terminal is simple.

The number of bus companies available online is limited.

There are simply more options at the bus terminal.

Is the cheapest bus Safe?

As I mentioned above, I think that there are a lot of people who are worried.

You will get the answer after you read all of this.

Depending on the situation, the bus companies that can get at the lowest price will be different.Not same company every time.

It might be the one has bad reviews on internet.

I can't promise that it is absolutely safe. No one knows when it will happen.....

What I can tell you here is that

I've almost the cheapest time to use the bus.

It's my actual experience and what I felt.

I'll be honest.

I have never felt any danger.

Just pay attention on your backpack as I mentioned on other article.

This is important no matter which bus you take even great one.

So it is same anyway what company you use.

Bus Quality

In addition, i think you are also concerned about the quality of bus.

This is also my personal opinion,

By the way, What I've been getting on so far is civa and cheapest bus I found on that time.

First of all, CIVA is more than a mid-level or even to me.

I wanted to ride it once because the bus seemed to be good just by looking.And I took it only once.

Honestly, there was no big difference.

The only thing I thought was that I was so disappointed.

I couldn't really relax because there was not much space between the seats.


the good thing and bad thing about cheapest bus I had taken

Good point


Local audience (might be good if you want to enjoy conversation with locals?)

More than.

Bad point

No Wi-Fi(but mostly you won't have Wi-Fi unless you take best bus)

Because there are a lot of customers with children, it is a lot of difficulties to sleep.

There are few tourists (some people feel uneasy about this)


How to buy the cheapest one

It's been a little long before We get here.The main subject of this article is this part.

First, please go to the bus terminal before the day you want to take the bus.

(You don't have to go there in advance, but this saves you time on the day.)

And, One thing! Go ask every company there is.

  • Tell them your destination and ask departure time and the cheapest price at the time.
  • Take a note or remember the cheapest one or two...
  • On the day you want to take the bus, go there 5-10 minutes before the departure time and ask them price.

That's it.it's insanely simple.

Most buses leave at similar times, so you have 2 or 3 chances.

Be patient and ask again and again.

There is more chance to get discount if it is closer to departure time.

It's rare but sometimes you will get more than half price.

Sometimes it was not big discount BUT you will get discount for 90%.

When you ask them price whenever

Ask few times, if it is the cheapest or discount.

Isn't there anything cheaper?

Can you give me a discount?

It is important to ask.This is really important.


Not recommended if you have limited time for traveling.

I've never had time that I could not buy ticket.but there probably won't be any seat when it gets high season.

if you do have limited time and do not want to take risk .

At the time when you check the price around,Check how many seats are not booked.

And take an action or not depends on how many seats are still available.

I recommend you to buy at the day you want to take bus.Not few minutes before the departure time.But like 2 hours before or more.

You still have chance to get cheaper than you would pay in advance.

This is also effective! !

Another thing, if you do, you might get lucky.

When you go to the bus terminal,

There are people who are shouting the name of place or talks to you.

Don't ignore these people, talk with them and let them remember your face.

If they get remember your face and you might get ....

One day, the man who remembered me from other day gave me discount.

It is rare but sometime you get advice.It is like go that company and you can get discount or they take you to the company and tell them to give you discount.

Once the man led me use Wi-Fi by connecting his phone.

In  more positive direction,it's pretty good to practice your Spanish.

I do not speak Spanish well but It works.Do not be afraid.


This is all I wanted share,

How to buy the cheapest ticket + the quality of the bus.

one more time,

Buy ticket on the day you want to take bus.

I can't say it will work !00% but mostly you will get cheaper price than buying in advance.

And when you try to buy in few minutes the bus leaves,

Make sure you have a note of your passport number so that it can be shown immediately.

It's going to make things go smoothly.

[Peru Bolivia] How to get cheapest bus ticket.


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