40th Anniversary Ironman in Whistler 2018/7/29


Hi Have you ever heard of Ironman ?

29th/07/2018 .

There was ironman race that iron man race in Whistler/Canada.

I also joined as a volunteer, though. There was no way I could join for runner....

Iron man race?

Ironman race is like triathlon.

I thought it was similar but different, but it seems to be the same.

An endurance race that runs three in a row: swimming, biking and long distance running.

It sounds too much to me, I am sure I won't be able to finish even one part.

Ironman race seems to be held all over the world.

Well, that's about all I knew.

Anyway, it is a world famous race.

It's the 40th anniversary!

Apply for volunteers

There are many positions for volunteers.

The time shift is also different. You can do from 2 hours shift.

The day before the race, the day, the end of the race, and so on.

There are many opportunities you will find what you want.

Of course, it is also possible to handle multiple positions.As long as you have time.

Registration of volunteers was easy enough to be done in a few minutes on the web page.

Once you registered you can see tons of list for positions.

What you need to do is

Check the position you want to do,

Answer a simple question and enter your email address and some details  then it's done. EASy!!

You can see the number of people available.

You'll quickly see popular positions and unpopularity!

As I checked website the day before the race,

There were few positions which needed people.

It seemed to be able to participate somehow even at the last minute.


You can check the information on this page.

If you register, you can receive a variety of news by e-mail, so if you are interested!!

Volunteer Activities

I joined

It's only two hours from 18 to 20 o'clock after work.

There were a lot of people who had already completed the race,

There were still many people running.

The contents of work is helping the runner who finished race.

It was easy job just help them to find their gear bags.

It was like this

what I had to do is ask the runner for the number and look for it.

One lady I talked was doing volunteer

She said she's been working since six in the morning.

and working until 23pm

It was hard to say that I only came for two hours....

Good benefit

Of course it is  a volunteer.

As you all know, you do not get paid and just help people. Of course there is always something you can learn or you meet many people.I think that is good enough.You can not expect much something like reward.

But bottled water, coke, 7up were free to drink.

Even only this, I thought that it is great,

One more thing.

Unfortunately, I missed it.

Because I didn't check my e-mail and missed it.


It is an invitation dinner meeting for the volunteers.

It seems to have been on the 30th just day after the race.

I saw the email at around 22 o'clock on the 30th.it had already over.

The content is

Free dinner

Bar (not free)

Video of the race


40th Anniversary Special Cake

Insanely gorgeous.

I was so sad missed this.

Check your email and Do not miss it!!

One more thing.

I also got certification to apply as a  runner in next year's race in Whistler.

Oh, and t-shirt!!!


After volunteering, I watched the race in front of the goal for a while.

There were really a lot of different runners in terms of age and gender.

a person walking dragging his feet in front of the goal

The person who is running energetically, the person who is smiling,

It was indescribable and wonderful.

It was a scene where everyone was cheering and feeling together.

just so great to see the way people gathered and cheered in such a warm feeling.

Give it try.

It was the first time for me to participate in such a large volunteer program.


I felt kind of great doing it.I only did easy work for a few hours

Many runners I helped gave me great word.

'Thank you for helping us'

I also enjoyed talking with runners and volunteers.

I felt that I will definitely do volunteer as much as i can

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have a chance, why don't you join it?

It's going to be a good experience!!!

And i'm adding one to my bucket list.

Complete Ironman race one day


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