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Food in La Paz, Bolivia.

I was not excited as much as food in Peru.

And I have heard that food in Bolivia is not good.Many times.

But honestly I liked it.

It is many times bigger than the La Paz which I imagined and there are a lot of people.

You will see many place for food everywhere even on the street (street food) while you are walking around.

But I sometimes had hard time to chose the place.Because there are too many places.

I am telling you 3 places I loved and went many times.  

Lunch I used to go many times

soup and main.

I've seen a lot of those from Peru to Bolivia.

This place is where I used to go once every two days.

if you get that square on the map.It is easy find it.

It is placed under the stairs.

But you can see the signboard(menu) on the street and can see inside of that places there are many people there.You won't miss it.


Sopa con Fideo and Lechon.

I love pasta soup.

Soup with potatoes, carrots chicken and pasta.

And the main / Lechon.

It is Pork meat.A little salty but it is great combination with potato which you can not see on the picture above but there is under pork.

Bread, soup, main, jelly / 11b/$1.6

This is great deal isn't it?

There are many places like this at 10b-15b.

6b/$0.8, was the cheapest place I've seen.

it would be fun to find your favorite place!

It is also a good that they change menu day to day.

Not many changes and some places don't change it everyday or forever.

The reason why I like this place is that people working there are really nice and friendly.

Of course, the taste is delicious, too.

Old lady on the street

Yes, the next one is the old lady on the street.

I guess that you have seen those people often on the street or you will see many.

The old lady who sits with a lot of luggage and some chairs.

My favorite is here.

It's right close to the place I wrote above.

It is usually from noon to night.There are days when i did not see.

So I can not tell you when she is there.

One day I went to eat there at 23pm.

Pasta and thin beef? Milanese

Milaneza is a Milanese-style cutlet.

Pasta is simple,  pasta with egg.


If you go late time it can be 4b.

And she gives you a lot. Probably 2 times of that you get at noon time.

I once got 3 pieces of meat.

It might be a great option that you try to go there late time.Might be after you hit some bar.

In addition to Miranessa, there are also options such as eggs and chorizo....


You see this many too.

I found that it is similar to croquettes(Freanch)

There are meat, vegetables, and egg in it.


sorry that it might be hard to look on the map.It is located on the corner.

but If you walk there, you will find it soon.

It is the shop that the man with glasses is running.

There are three types of that. potatoes, rice and cassava.

All of them are recommended.When you are hungry, I totally recommend rice.

5b/ $0.7

Taste great and He is great person and kind.

I am sure you will have fun there.He talks a lot and friendly.

Those are three places that I recommend you.

I hope you get chance to get there and will like there.


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