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Cusco in Peru!!

Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain,Humantai Lake are places most people will visit.

There are another places to visit and they are interesting too.

In this article,I'd like to tell you the tour priceof 3 popular spots that you can book tours in Cusco

I hope it will helpful for you to consider visiting those places.

The information is from September 2019 when I was there.


Machu picchu

I think that the price changes depending on the way.

I'm going to tell you the way to take a bus from Cusco to Hidroelectrica.

This one is the way that many people do.

You can book buses to Hidroelectrica in Cusco.

As a result of hearing from most tour companies that are noticeable,

Round-trip tickets/cheapest

50 soles(about $15) without lunch

Mostly with lunch for $60-70 (about $18-20)

Its depends on people what you prefer.But I don't think you have to book the one with lunch.Because the lunch you will have is not something special.

I would say it is cheaper and better to get some foods before you leave Cusco.

A bus from Machu Picchu village to Machu Picchu cost $12 for one way.

And entrance fee for Machu Pichu is $65.this is expensive isn't it?

that is all prices you need to think about if you are going or planning.

You can walk to Machu Pichu from village, you can save money!!

I walked both way.

Rainbow Mountain

It seems to get became very famous in the last few years.

There were also people in the area.

Rainbow Mountain

How to go on your own and how to go on tour.

Getting there by your own,

From The closed colosseum (Cusco) to the city of Cusipata (5 soles/about $1.5)About 2 hours.

Next, about an hour in Collectivo.

Next you need to take Collectivo to The pampachiri community (10 soles/about $3)

Once you arrived there you need to buy a ticket for entrance. (5 soles/ about $1.5)

With Tour

The lowest price I found was 45 soles ($13)

Others are about 50-65 sols/ $15-$19

All tour I asked was you have breakfast on the way and lunch on way back.

I took the one cheapest which was 45 soles.

I did not expect much about meal but lunch was buffet and great.

Humantai Lake

There are so many people going there, too.

The lowest price I found for this tour was 50 soles/about $15

Mostly, 60-70 sols, about $17-$20.

Includes breakfast and lunch.

+ ticket fee which cost 10 soles/about$3

Make your plans

So I told you that how much it would cost to get Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain and Humantai Lake.

There are so many tour companies and they have many different prices.

I hope that it is useful for making plans.I am not sure that those prices are always changing.But I think it is good to know the price when you will be looking for tours there.



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