2 Recommended things to do in summer@Whistler




it's already summer in Whistler.

How are you doing?

I have already left Whistler.

If you're moving to Whistler and want to play in Whistler!

I'd like to introduce two recommendations for what you can do in Whistler.


In summer time, Whistler, Most people do  biking or hiking.

if you don't ride a bicycle, you can enjoy hiking.

If you have a car you can go ,many places with your tent.

If you want to do something in a day or half day.

Yes, this is what I recommend for you. You might have heard those because It is pretty famous.

Train Wreck and Vallea Lumina.

Train Wreck 

What is this?

It's like there are many those things (picture below)with colorful paint in the mountain.

Take a bus from Whistler to the function junction,

As soon as you get off, you'll just walk along the trek.

If you walk for 30 minutes on the road,  the trucks will gradually appear.

There's people as this place is famous, so you do not have to worry about getting lost.

You also don't have to worry too much about bears.

If you have time, you can continue hiking if you cross the small bridge.

I continued for about two hours afterwards, but there was no dangerous path.

I enjoyed it leisurely.It's a good idea to take a little walk because it's just nice to be in the mountain and there is nobody around you.Take your time up there.You will love it.

Vallea Lumina

this is is the illumination in the mountain

There are various types of illumination in everywhere, and you can enjoy it while walking.

(Because it is an old smartphone, it does not look beautiful,,but It is!!)

Whistler Blackcomb, the bus stop next to the Gondola.

There is a free bus to there.There are a lot of people, too.

You can easily find which bus it is.

Some of the illuminations

There is a little hologram with the line and the song, it is very beautiful!


You can buy tickets at the above site.It's about $35.

You might think it expensive, but it's worth it.

I went there twice.

Even if you don't go inside, go to that place by free bus.

You can also relax in the square in front of the entrance.

There is a little light and fire space, so you can relax in a pretty good feeling.

If you live in Whistler, it's a good idea to just relax with your friends once in a while.

I went to relax near the entrance without entering.Totally Recommended!


Well those two things are what I wanted to introduce you,

I think that both can go easily,

Train Wreck in the morning, Vallea Lumina in the evening, i think it's good to do both in a day.if you do not have time.

I hope you will enjoy visiting there.


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