[Peru Bolivia] How to buy a bus ticket and things you need to be careful



Peru and Bolivia are popular countries for traveling to South America.

As a popular tourist destination,

Nazca-Arequipa-Cusco-Puno (Peru)

La Paz-Sucre-Potosi-Uyuni (Bolivia)

I guess you have those places on your list

Most people choose to travel by bus.

I think that there are a lot of chances of the long-distance movement by the bus though it depends on the destination.


Where to buy

How to get cheap ticket

Is it safe to move the bus?

You might be worried about those things and I was too.

I will tell you the answers from my experiences.

I will also tell you about each booking method,

Buying online or Buying at terminal.

Check here for more information on how to buy cheaper or cheapest


まとめ ペルー ボリビア 南米 日常

[ペルー ボリビア] 必見 最安狙い/安くバスチケットを購入する方法

前回の記事で、 ペルー、ボリビアでのバス移動の際のチケットの購入方法2つを紹介しました。 また、少しだけですが安くチケットを買う方法を紹介しました。 この記事を読んでいただく前に前回の記事に目を通して ...

How to book and buy

How to book/buy a bus

: How to book and buy online using the website

: ticket office (bus terminal in most cases)

There are two ways to book/buy in.

ex) In Lima there is not bus terminal like other famous destinations.Each company has the place.

Book and buy online


List some of the sites you can use when you're online.




There are other sites, but these three are often used.

Departure point - Destination - Enter the date to search,

It's very easy to book with those.


You can book from anywhere if you have internet connection

It can be purchased without cash (card)

You don't have to speak Spanish (if you're worried dealing by speaking Spanish)


You might get in trouble because of booking system.

Not all companies But mostly you need to print out the ticket.

Only some bus companies have system for booking online, so you can't get the lowest or cheapest (the cheapest for destination from the place you leave).

How to buy at terminal

This is also quite simple.

Just go to the terminal and tell them your destination and date and ask the price.

That's it.easy isn't it?

You do not have to have passport when you buy. Only number of your passport.So take a note on your phone or paper.

I have booked at terminal expect in Lima

Ask all company unless you have already decided which company you will use.

Especially if you're looking for cheap tickets


You can find companies that aren't listed online

It's fun to ask and talk around (this is also part of traveling right?)

Mostly It'd be cheaper


It takes time and you might get tired.

The location of the terminal is far (if you do this in advance)

Most of companies do not accept card for purchase.

Where to book/buy

As mentioned above, both

There are advantages and disadvantages

Depending on what you prefer, it's clear which one you should use.

So let's make it easy to know which one to use.


  • If the bus company you want to use is clear + a bus company that can be purchased online
  • If you don't mind about the price.
  • If you care about certain quality of bus.

at the terminal

  • What you care is the cheaper price.
  • You can enjoy asking around
  • You want to practice Spanish.

Safety when riding a bus

Is bus travel safe?I think that there are a lot of people who wonder about this.

There are so many information if you google it. And you will mostly see negative things.It makes you nervous.Well It did make me.

I can't say for sure, but I'll tell you about it from my experience.

I used the bus of the low quality many times. Definitely not a great one.

But I had never ever had any problem or been robbed.

What you need to have in your mind is pay attention around.And place your backpack under legs or hold it. Make sure that you do not put your backpack on the shelf.

I had some advises from the local people few times .

I don't think you should worry too much unless the bus gets hijack.


Speaking of safety, I guess the toilet is more important.

There's no toilet paper in the toilet.

You want to make sure that you have it.

Also, take your backpack with you when you go to toilet.

Or ask someone to keep eye on it.If there is tourist around you.This would be easy.

* If you don't have toilet paper

Just try to ask someone in the bus.People have it.And they give you or if it does not work hand them some coins.It will work.

Another thing about toilet is

There is toilet in the bus but it is locked.

If you are on the bus for long distance, bus stops for 20-30min at some point.

Of course, there is a fee for toilet use.

When you can not wait Go talk to driver.

They will unlock the toilet if it can be used or stop at somewhere close for you.

I did not have experience of that.But I've seen other people did.

One more thing!

This is about after you got off the bus.

It's not all bus companies,

If it is a certain company, they use tag the checked baggage.

In most cases, it is stapled.

Don't forget to take those off after you got off and tag!

It is a only little scratch, but you might get hurt with it and better not to have chance to get hurt even small one.


the way of bus reservations/purchases in Bolivia and Peru

Advantages, Disadvantages + Safety

I told you about  the restroom situation a little, and tried to put it together.

Be at the terminal 30 minutes before the departure time.

You might think it is not leaving on time and get delayed.Yes you are right. Specialy in Peru.The worst one I had was left after an hour and half hour

Bolivia was better.Mostly on the time or in 10 minutes.

Also, if you book/purchase online,

Be careful not to forget to print your ticket just in case.

I'll tell you this again.

Don't forget the toilet paper.

I hope you will have great and safe trip with bus.


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